A specific fragrance or flavour can instantly remove us from the present, taking us back to a cherished time in fond memories.

With our scrumptious flavours, tantalise the senses and indulge in a tasting experience like no other.
We use the finest organic ingredients to give you the best flavour, texture, and fragrance.
Vanilla Delight
French Vanilla white sponge, filled with layers of vanilla buttercream and your choice of raspberry or strawberry preserves.
Luxurious Red Velvet
This striking cake features a red sponge (coloured with organic beetroot juice), filled with your preference of either a rich vanilla buttercream or white chocolate ganache.
Opulent champagne & strawberry
Pink champagne sponge, filled with alternating layers of champagne buttercream and strawberry preserve.
Zesty Lemon & Elderflower
Lemon yellow moist sponge, layered with lemon curd & elderflower buttercream.
Sumptuous Chocolate Fudge
Delectable moist chocolate cake drizzled with fudge and filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache.
white chocolate & raspberry
A white chocolate sponge cake, layered with chocolate and raspberry buttercream and raspberry preserve.
Classic Carrot Cake
A tasty, moist carrot cake filled with your choice of orange or vanilla buttercream. Nuts and fruit are optional.
Creamy Caramel
A moist caramel sponge filled with caramel buttercream and salted caramel sauce.
Exquisite Pistachio & Honey
A light, soft pistachio sponge filled with almond buttercream and drizzled with honey.
Cinnamon Spiced Apple
This sponge has an infusion of delicate spices and is filled with a cinnamon buttercream and apple sauce.
Dreamy Cookies & Cream
Soft, moist vanilla sponge filled with layers of vanilla buttercream and chocolate cookie crumble.

Make your flavour a taste to remember.

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