A bespoke experience – a specialist craft

What is cake? When we think about cake, we are met with a deluge of delightful imagery - memories imprinted in our minds from wonderful times gone by. We remember the romance, the celebration, the happiness.

A cake is more than a delicious party treat. A cake is emblematic of generosity. It is symbolic of love, compassion, and tenderness; of companionship, family, and togetherness.

A cake has the power to present your heritage, your culture, your identity. It is an expression of the years to follow, of future generations


A statement cake is more than a cake. A cake spreads joy and prosperity with those you love. It is an embodiment of who you are, your principles, your desires, your dreams.

With Posh & Cake, we collaborate with you to help you craft the ideal cake for you and your loved ones. All of our cakes are fully bespoke and customisable, from sketch pad to cake board.

Mesmerise and tantalise your guests with artisan design, deluxe appliqué, and luxurious flavour sensations.