How it all started – From humble beginnings

How it all started –
From humble beginnings

From baking for family, to building a home-based bakery, Posh & Cake has developed into a fully-fledged, exceptional business – but we have humble beginnings…

Georgiana’s story

My earliest memories of cake baking are from my childhood - the unforgettable, sweet scents enveloping my home, and the joy of watching cakes transform in the oven whenever my mother and grandmother baked.

Since the age of 10, I have been fascinated and mesmerised by cake-making and decoration. I would often sneak into the kitchen to secretly improve my abilities, following my mother’s recipe book. I tried and failed many times, but ultimately found the key to success: practise!

Eventually, my mother let me help her with making cakes for family celebrations. Whilst this brought me much joy, the cakes were usually quite simple, and I knew I wanted to do more.

From passion to profession

Through my younger years and into adulthood, crafting cakes was always a leisure of luxury and a valued hobby. But with the arrival of my daughter, I wanted to make my passion for cake creation thrive as a business.

Posh & Cake (formerly Cake my Day) was born out of a home bakery starting in 2016, into the proficient, comprehensive cake service you see today. We are committed to providing a premium bespoke service, high in quality and exuding fine artistry.

The organic ingredients I use reflect the homegrown produce which my family used in our cakes when I was a child. Inspired by fresh flour derived from the local village grains, to hand-picked eggs and community dairy products, all the produce which makes that beautiful golden batter is sourced locally and responsibly.

There is no better taste, fragrance, or feeling than indulging in homemade, specially-crafted products.

The Awards

When you order from Posh & Cake, you can be certain that my work is esteemed and certified. My awards serve to establish my skills as a professional baker and cake artist and exemplify the reputability of Posh & Cake as a specialist and independent business.

I’ve received prestigious awards at international competitions, in recognition of both my skills as a cake designer, and also the professional excellence of the business.

To date, I have achieved:

  • Cake International 2019: Gold Award, Bronze Award, and 2nd in Class
  • Cake International 2018: Silver Award
  • MTM Minorities Ethnic Awards Gala 2018: Enterprise Business Award 2018

And while 2020 may have slowed down the economy, it hasn’t slowed our growth or our aspirations. We continue to strive for high-quality design, exceptional service, and outstanding customer satisfaction.