Pricing Guide

The overall price of your cake will be determined by the size of the cake required (which is dependent on the number of guests, and the portion size), as well as the complexity of the structure, the intricacy of the decorations, and whether the design effects the completeness of each slice.

As a general guide, we have included a chart below. The sizes displayed in the chart exemplify the smallest possible size which will accommodate the number of tiers. Please be advised that the starting price is a base price for a simple cake covered in fondant.

Additional costs for decorations will be discussed during a consultation.
Starting from £130
Starting from £220
Starting from £360
Starting from £640
Starting from £800

Sizing Guide

The cake size is determined by the number of guests it will be designed to feed. However, please be advised that any cakes that require sculpting as part of their design may need to be made bigger, in order to accommodate the same number of portions. This is because sculpting reduces the portion quantity, as sections are removed from the cake to achieve the desired shape.

As a general guide, we have included the chart below for reference.

If you are purchasing a wedding cake and your cake is due to be served as part of the dessert course during the wedding breakfast, the size of each slice will be cut to dessert size (1"x2"x5"). Otherwise, each slice will be cut to finger size (1"x1"x5"). The chart shows the quantity of finger or dessert slices which may be cut from each tier, for standard round and square cakes.

Delivery & Setup

As part of our comprehensive service, we will personally deliver and install your cake to its final destination. We want to ensure that the installation of the cake within the venue is as smooth as possible.

We deliver to surrounding regions within a 30-mile radius of the Bristol area, including the Cotswolds, Somerset and Wells.