Make Your Wedding Cake a Centrepiece on Your Special Day

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that is all about celebrating the love between two people. Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect, with every detail tailored to their specific tastes and preferences. The wedding cake is among the most significant elements of any wedding reception. Not only is it a delicious dessert, but it is also a centrepiece that can set the tone for the entire event. Here are some tips for making your wedding cake a true centrepiece on your special day.

The Importance of a Perfect Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake needs to tick a lot of boxes. It needs to be stylish and well presented, while also reflecting you as a couple and being personal to your tastes. Additionally, it needs to stand out but blend into the theme of your wedding reception, and most importantly, it needs to be delicious.

At Posh & Cake, we understand the importance of a perfect wedding cake. That's why we work closely with each and every couple to design the perfect cake for them. We take into account their favourite flavours, chosen designs, and ideal size, to create a cake that is both unique and personal to them. Creating and delivering wedding cakes across Bristol and London, every couple who gets married with a Posh & Cake creation gets more than just a dessert - they get a centrepiece.

Think About the Styling of Your Wedding Reception

The aesthetic presentation of your cake forms a big part of the wedding reception. Couples often lean on the wedding cake as both a central part of the dessert station and as a big photographic moment in their reception's timeline. Therefore, to help the wedding cake become a real focal point, couples getting married should think about everything from the size of the cake to its shape, colour, and any defining features or stylistic accessories which can give it a little bit of added personality.

To make your cake stand out, you need to think carefully about the styling of your wedding reception. Consider the theme, colours, and overall feel of the event, and try to choose a cake that complements these elements. At Posh & Cake, we work with couples to design cakes that match their unique wedding themes, whether it's a modern and chic urban affair, a classic and elegant country house event, or anything in between.

Our wedding cakes often make for an Instagram-friendly centrepiece, with our Instagram page showcasing just some of the ways that couples can use surroundings, accessories, and design features to give their cake an extra lease of life. From floral arrangements to decorative ribbons, we can help you choose the perfect accessories to make your cake truly stand out.

Placement is Everything

If you want your wedding cake to stand out, then placement is everything. Ideally, you should select a central location in a part of your reception layout that people will actually frequent and use. Your wedding cake is an investment and is as much a part of your wedding reception styling as it is a dessert option for your guests.

Not to mention, the more central the cake is, the more heavily it will feature in professional photos, guest photos, and in the memories of your wedding guests. You want your cake to be remembered and appreciated for years to come, and placement is a key factor in achieving this.


Once the flavours have been chosen, the cake has been baked, and the icing has set, it's time to think about accessories and how to turn your cake from something pretty into an elegant part of your big day. From flower arrangements to icing figurines, cake stands, bird cage surrounds, making your wedding cake into a centrepiece isn't just about the cake itself but the way you integrate it into the surroundings with a cake stand and other features which elevate and enhance its presence.

Once you have decided on the flavour, shape, and design of your cake, the next step is to accessorize it. A few well-placed accessories can turn your wedding cake from pretty to elegant and make it the centerpiece of your big day. There are many ways to accessorize your wedding cake, and it all depends on your taste, style, and budget.

Flower Arrangements

You can use handmade, fresh or artificial flowers to decorate your cake.

Handmade flowers are a beautiful and unique addition to your cake and can be customized to suit your wedding theme and colours. Handmade flowers can be made from a range of materials, such as sugar paste, buttercream, royal icing, wafer paper.

If you choose to use handmade flowers, it's important to work with a skilled cake designer who can create the flowers to perfection. Handmade flowers can be time-consuming to make, but the end result can be breathtaking. They can be used to create a variety of looks, from elegant and sophisticated to whimsical and playful.

When it comes to deciding on the type of flowers to use on your cake, it's important to consider the overall style and theme of your wedding. If you're going for a rustic or bohemian vibe, wildflowers or greenery can be a beautiful addition. For a more formal or elegant wedding, roses or peonies can be a classic choice.

No matter what type of flowers you choose to use on your wedding cake, they can add a beautiful touch of colour and texture. They can also help tie your cake into the rest of your wedding décor, creating a cohesive look for your special day.

Fresh flowers are a beautiful option and can add a touch of nature to your wedding cake. However, it's important to note that not all flowers are safe for consumption. Speak to your florist or cake designer to determine which flowers are safe to use on your cake.

If you prefer to use artificial flowers, they can also be a great option. You can find silk flowers in a wide range of colours and styles, allowing you to match the flowers to your wedding theme. With artificial flowers, you can also create a keepsake from your wedding cake by saving the flowers for future use.

Cake Stands

Choosing the right cake stand is also an important part of accessorizing your wedding cake. A cake stand can add height and dimension to your cake, making it a focal point of your reception. There are many different types of cake stands available, from elegant crystal stands to rustic wooden stands.

Bird Cage Surrounds

A bird cage surround is a unique way to accessorize your wedding cake. This type of surround is made of wire and resembles a bird cage. The cage can be filled with flowers, candles, or other decorative elements to create a romantic, vintage feel.

Other Accessories

There are many other accessories that you can use to enhance the appearance of your wedding cake. Some popular options include ribbons, pearls, beads, and crystals. From modern and sleek to vintage and romantic, these accessories can be utilised to create a number of styles.

In Conclusion

Your wedding cake is an essential part of your special day, and it should be treated as such. A beautifully designed and decorated wedding cake can be a centrepiece of your reception, creating a lasting impression on your guests. When choosing your wedding cake, it's important to consider the style of your reception, your personal taste, and your budget.

At Posh & Cake, we specialize in creating unique and elegant wedding cakes that reflect our clients' personalities and preferences. Our expert team works closely with each couple to design and create the perfect cake for their special day. We utilise only the best ingredients to ensure that our cakes not only look gorgeous but also taste delicious.

If you're looking for a wedding cake that will make a lasting impression, contact Posh & Cake today. We'll be happy to schedule a consultation and discuss how we can help bring your wedding cake centrepiece to life.

Lush tones of blue, white, silver and delicate floral
What a wedding on Saturday
After I finished the cake setup a nice elegant old lady approached and watched
Another beautiful wedding and new stunning venue for me last weekend
A cake like a journey through life until the wedding day
Can you spot the grapes?
Lush tones of blue, white, silver and delicate floral
What a wedding on Saturday
After I finished the cake setup a nice elegant old lady approached and watched
Another beautiful wedding and new stunning venue for me last weekend
A cake like a journey through life until the wedding day
Can you spot the grapes?